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Kindergarten-I’m so sad!! August 8, 2008

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The pencils and glue have been bought. The backpack is packed and ready. We went today to Mason’s new school for final registration. We have testing on Monday, then a phase in day, and then, MY BABY STARTS SCHOOL!! It doesn’t seem like it has been five years, but it has and I am trying to come to terms with it. I’ve put on a brave face for my little kindergartener and he is excited about going to school which makes it harder on me! But I know that my days will get a little easier and then the twins will go to Mother’s Day Out which gives me some time to myself. (I am happy about that!) But I will kinda miss him during the day. So if you call me on Friday of next week and I answer the phone with sobs and sniffles, you will know why.


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