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This is why I scrapbook. August 7, 2009

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My oldest DS has been dying to go back to Disney World. He doesn’t remember much from the last time that we went. He asks me about two times a week if we can go back to Mickey’s house. So I gave him the scrapbook that I made about our Disney vacation. He is having so much fun going through and looking at all the pictures and asking questions about what we did, what were the rides like, and can he take his own pictures the next time that we go back. I told him of course he can. But what I didn’t tell him, was that we are already booked for a trip later this year with his Nanna and Da!! I can’t tell him until we get closer to time to go because he would ask me twelve times a day, “Are we going to Mickey’s right now in the morning?” So I have secret plans to make him a countdown calendar and autograph book for when we go back and I will let him in on the secret about a month before we go! He will be so excited! Nobody tell him, or I will have him call you and ask you when we are going everytime he asks me!!! Happy crafting!!


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