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Teacher’s first day of school gift. August 12, 2009

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Today is my oldest DS’s first full day of first grade. Let’s just say that this morning wasn’t the smoothest and I hope that we get our schedule and routine down soon! But I did want to make something for his teacher’s first day. And I saw the idea of stuffing a soda bottle with goodies on the Cricut Message board. It just so happens that I had a couple of empty bottle laying around. I stuffed it with Uniball pens, Expo markers, Sharpie’s, Sharpie Minis, and some Crayola notepads out of the dollar bins at Michael’s. I would have added more, but I ran out of time to get everything. I shredded some red tissue paper and put it on top and bottom to take up some of the empty space. Letters on the soda bottle and the apples are cut from Plantin Schoolbook. The letters on the card are Street Sign. All of it was made using leftover scraps from other projects, including some Halloween paper!! I think that it turned out cute and I think that she liked it. I hope so anyway! This was a fun gift to make and can be made for any occasion. Happy crafting!!


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