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Nap Mats with Freezer paper screen printing! August 19, 2009

Filed under: freezer paper — busycrafter @ 9:24 pm

I made these nap mat covers for my twins to take to mother’s day out. They were a breeze to make! It’s basically just an oversize pillow case with a border on the top. Since the fabric was too busy to see their names, I had to add a border. If you haven’t seen the freezer paper technique, you can go to Youtube and do a search for it. I hope that the little guys like them, and actually use them at school!! They have always slept in a crib (even last year at mother’s day out), so hopefully they will not give their new teacher any problems! I guess we will find out tomorrow! Happy crafting!!


One Response to “Nap Mats with Freezer paper screen printing!”

  1. Jeannie_42 Says:

    I love these nap mats! I do daycare and these would be great for my kids! thanks for sharing!

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