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Cake Pops April 7, 2010

Filed under: baking — busycrafter @ 12:28 pm

Oh my! How did I not know about these little goodies!  Some friends of mine introduced me to Bakerella  and she has some great baked goodies on her site.  But after seeing her spring cake pops, I had to try them!!  They were easy to make and so yummy!!   And they were a big hit at my twin’s school.  I think I wrote or said the directions twelve times!!  It took me a while to find the recipe for them on the Bakerella website.  Just follow the directions for cake balls and add your lollipop sticks after they are chilled.  And my advice is to keep them chilled or frozen while you are dipping them or they will fall apart!  But you must try these!  Me and my boys had fun eating them, even the ones that fell apart! 

Happy crafting!!


One Response to “Cake Pops”

  1. Jenny Says:

    WHOA!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing these are tooooo cute and thanks for link to the Bakerella site too man now I’m gonna HAVE to try this!

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